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Guide to Offering Net 30 Terms (E-Course)

More and more, entrepreneurs understand the importance of building strong business credit. Good business credit is a valuable asset that can help open up new financing and business opportunities, and save business owners money when they borrow. Would you like to help your customers or clients enjoy those advantages? You can if you start reporting payment history to commercial credit bureaus. Take our detailed e-course and learn the steps it takes to become a data furnisher


Our e-course includes the details in our e-book

PLUS get access to: 

  • Reporting options when you have less than the minimum required accounts 
  • Offering net terms with 0 risk
  • Data Sheets provided by Commerical bureaus that contain all necessary steps and info to get started.
  • One Month of FREE Facebook promotion
  • What's needed to run your online website



I. Intro

II. Reporting to Major Credit Bureaus

III. Building Your List and Promoting

IV. How to Report if you don't have the Minimum Required Accounts

V. Costs

VI. Apps and Plugins that will help your business be successful

VII. Additional Resources

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